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Hello. I am the guy. The one. The dude. This is my web of Spyder Inside information. 

Nobody (outside of factory personnel) has been riding the Can-Am Spyder longer. Fact. 

Before the Can-Am Spyder was introduced to the public I had been riding them for several years. BRP invited me to three different events for consulting and feedback during product development and prototyping.

Jennings, Florida – 2003

At the initial Spyder preview in Jennings, Florida in 2003, a small group of automotive and motorcycle press was invited to preview a new vehicle concept from BRP, and to provide their feedback on the feasibility of such a vehicle. I was the only one in attendance from the off-road community and expressed great enthusiasm for the P0 or P1 prototype “REV snowmobile with wheels” that we were able to ride around the motorcycle test track that day. No other journalist in attendance expressed such a level of support and encouragement for the project (Martin Auger and Sandy Scullion of BRP were in attendance).

Lake Tahoe – 2005

My next exposure was at Lake Tahoe in October of 2005 where I was invited by Chris Dawson of BRP to what amounted to a focus group session with test rides on P2 prototypes, again providing feedback and input on the developing roadster.  At this time the roadsters had taken on a look of their own, with unique styling and no longer being simply a modified snowmobile with wheels. This vehicle had received a significant amount of development, along with time and energy to bring it to this level.

Cocoa Beach – 2007

Then on January 11, 2007 the BRP Spyder was introduced to a small group of media journalists at Cocoa Beach, Florida. It was here that we were shown the latest P3 prototypes, what would become the 2008 Can-Am Spyder GS SM5.

When BRP CEO Jose Boisjoli told us that the board of directors had just signed off on the project and that BRP was in fact going to build and sell the Spyder, I pulled a $100 bill out of my pocket and offered it as down payment on two Spyders. Jose told me that I didn’t need to do that, but I insisted that I wanted to make sure I was first on the list because I knew the demand would exceed their expectations. 

We were told it would be about six months to production, and that BRP would be introducing the Spyder to their dealers in a few short months out at the Miramar military base near San Diego, California.

Kevin Beilke - The Spyder Insider

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