It had been five years since the 2008 introduction of the revolutionary Can-Am Spyder GS, so in true BRP fashion they introduced the next-generation Spyder sport models for 2013 – the Can-Am Spyder ST series.


The Can-Am Spyder ST (Sport Touring) roadster was positioned as a sport touring vehicle with the right blend of comfort and sportiness to set it apart from the others. With its sport-touring rider ergonomics, added footboards for more legroom, the same muscular Rotax 991 V-Twin engine and all BRP-renown safety features such as VSS, the Spyder ST roadster was as comfortable and nimble for a quick jaunt around town, as it was on a spirited ride on a favorite country lane, or a week-long getaway up the coast.

“The Can-Am Spyder ST roadster complements the existing Spyder RS and Spyder RT line-ups perfectly,” said Yves Leduc, Vice President and General Manager, BRP North America division. “It offers confidence-inspiring handling and control, as well as a ride that’s as unique as it is exhilarating.”

At first glance the 2013 Spyder ST models look quite similar to the sporty Spyder RS models, but as soon as you sit on one you immediately notice the change in rider position. Instead of the forward-prone sport position of the RS, the new ST brings the rider slightly upright in comparison, but not as far back as the touring-style RT models. This is the essence of the ST – Sport Touring – a rider position that places the driver in-between the Sport and Touring rider positions. In fact, the ST models are the closest one can get to the feel and position of being on a Ski-Doo REV snowmobile. Those who ride a Ski-Doo snowmobile will instantly recognize the similarity and be immediately comfortable on the ST models.


The ST models are offered in a manual transmission version with traditional foot pegs, or an SE-5 semi-automatic transmission with the new floor boards for added leg room and ability to move your feet around for added comfort. With no clutch to operate, the driver simply uses the left-hand finger shifter to paddle shift up through the gears. Downshifting can also be done by the rider, or the transmission will automatically downshift for you as you come to a stop.

An adjustable windshield adds to the comfort factor of the ST models, as the windshield can be adjusted vertically to best suit the rider height and personal preference. This can be helpful to reduce wind buffeting and provide the right height of protection for riders of all sizes.


As with all Can-Am Spyder models, the new Spyder ST is fitted with the patented front trunk, or “Frunk” that the Spyder models are famous for. This key-locked storage compartment is massive in volume and allows you to safely and securely carry plenty of cargo or supplies on-board.


While the Spyder ST seat is spacious for a single rider, the latest Spyder continues the tradition of allowing you to safely carry a passenger with no accessories required. Fold-down foot rests give you quick capability to carry a passenger, as the OEM seat is passenger ready. Accessory back rests can also be added for even more support and comfort, especially handy on the longer rides.

Innovations to the 2013 Can-Am roadster line-up also included the Brembo brake system specifically designed for Can-Am roadsters, a new suspension for better handling and performance and new front fenders with integrated LEDs for refined style and improved aerodynamics.